We are

A church dance group, open to all confessions, yet joined in the faith of Jesus as our Messiah and our saviour.

Our history

Founded in April 1991.
Soon after came the first performances for the Israel Day event in Munich under the direction of Irmi Guhse (Founder of the Association "Nechama"), "Nechama" (comfort my people) sees its task to be caring for the Holocaust survivors in Isra-el. Since then, many presentations in Lutheran, catholic, protestant congreations and different events.

  • St. Anna (Lehel)
  • Easter Service in the Philharmonic Hall (Gasteig)
  • St. Joseph (Schwabing)
  • St. Paul (Theresienwiese)
  • Paul Gerhardt (Laim)
  • St. Andreas (Schlachthofviertel)
  • St. Anton (Kapuzienerstr.)
  • St. Lukas (Westkreuz) Pessach
  • St. Matthäus (Sendlinger Tor)
  • Lutheran and Catholic Churches (Feldafing)
  • catholic church (Tutzing)
  • Lutheran church (Eutingen)
  • St. Joachim (Fürstenried)
  • Innsbruck (Austria) Israel Day
  • Israels day event (Munic)
  • St. Martin (Garmisch) Pessach
  • International Summer Festival (Markt Schwaben)
  • Bad Tölz main plaza
  • Berlin Jesus Day 2004 ( With the motto, "Israel lives")
  • Wordl young people day 2005
  • Kloster Benediktbeuren (Learnparty)
  • 10 years Malteser (Garmisch)
  • 100 years sisters of the Holy Family
  • Marsch des Lebens (walk of life) 2015
  • Dance festivals in Dietfurt with Brother George
  • 2004, 2008, 2014 trips to Israel with the privilege to dance at the city hall in Acco and participate at a famous dance festival in northern Israel, also in various congregations.