Pray, dance, train together.
Every Wednesday in St. Andreas from 18.15-21.30
Right now we are 12-17 dancers from 14 years up to ---no limitation
Visitors welcome

Training consists of three elements:

    • We develope grace and discipline as well as body language which the church attendees understand.

    • We seek to thoroughly learn and mas-ter the dances of our Israeli brothers and sisters.

  3. KAWO
    • "Kampfkunst aus dem Wort"
      A mix of ballet, modern dance, and martial arts techniques.
      We quote Bible verses and express them in dances.

Physical fitness if a prerequisite, additional training is recommended. Bible study, prayer and fasting times as well as regular worship service attendance is fundamental.

"O Man, learn to dance, or the Angels in Heaven won't know where to begin with you!"